You're not going to work dressed like that!

If you're looking for the prefect workwear to really cement your reputation as a career woman on the up, you might want to do a runner past any Bebe stores this week. Bebe have launched a 'workwear' collection that's making news for all the wrong reasons. The advertisors market the collection as 'From the office to off-duty, wear-to-work is no longer just for the 9-5. Your next career move? Suiting separates remixed for every day of the week.' But judging from the adverts, the clothes are better suited to a night at Spearmint Rhino, with skin-tight lycra tops and leopard-print mini-skirts. Yes, perfect for giving an authoritative powerpoint presentation...

Fashion expert Danica Lo told The Daily Mail, 'There are all sorts of different types of workwear - different jobs will require different clothes, and what's appropriate to wear to work as a lounge hostess probably wouldn't be as well-received on the trading floor of the stock exchange. 'I suspect that Bebe's usual customers - people who are fans of the brand's signature tight, short, shiny aesthetic - will appreciate the company's new workwear range, and may even find some pieces within the collection that might be acceptable for semi-conservative office environments.

The style advisor continued, 'The skirt suit and the plaid skirt, for example, would work in, say, a media office. But, objectively and broadly speaking, sheer lace tops and strapless underwire dresses aren't generally acceptable professional apparel - but of course, it depends on what your profession is.'

Yes, we imagine those working in the entertainment and sex industries will be pretty chuffed with the new collection...

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