You rang m'Lady?

Have you always dreamt of channeling Jeeves, working in servitude for someone, just because they happened to be born with millions? Er, no us neither. Well, how about working in servitude for a couple of royals, and not just any old royals, but K-Middz and her balding husband. Yes please, we hear you cry!

The royal couple are looking for a butler, housekeeper and dresser to work with them at Kensington Palace. A royal insider told The Daily Mail, 'The whole place is buzzing with excitement. Lots of people will want these prestigious jobs. The royals always like to promote existing staff rather than bring in people from outside. This is a golden opportunity for someone to be in at the beginning of William and Kate’s working and domestic lives.'

Ooh yes, yippee! A chance to work for the pair at the start of their domestic lives. What greater chance in life could there be? *fires off CV, straightens collar*

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