The worst places on bodies to get a piercing

Body piercing is an ancient practice that is very much alive until today. It is a form of art, self-expression and even a fashion statement. If you are thinking of getting a piercing, then you must be prepared for the worst. There are several areas where you can get a piercing. However, there are also worst places on bodies to get a piercing.

No pain, no gain

The saying that there is no gain without pain might be true when you get a piercing. In spite of modern advances, pain is bound to happen when you undergo this procedure. Here is a list of areas where you can expect the worst pain to occur.

  • Nose

The nose is connected to a lot of nerves, so it is expected that getting a piercing on this body part will hurt – a lot. Since the needle has to pass through the skin and eventually the cartilage, there will be a lot of nerves that will be touched and affected. There might even be a temporary nerve damage that will, however, pass quickly.

  • Navel

This is a very sensitive part of the body and probably one of the worst places to get a piercing. Navel piercing is also delicate as they can get caught in clothes, zippers and buttons.

  • Nipples

The nipples are already sensitive enough without a piercing. Imagine how it feels going through the knife maybe experiencing both pleasure and pain. Understand that you need to wear clothes whilst your piercing is healing so expect it to be a literally painful process.

  • Genital area

There is nothing left to the imagination here. When you get any part of your genitals pierced, it is bound to be both painful whilst healing and during the actual process.

Other places that might hurt

Then there is the lip which is one of the worst places to get a piercing. It also depends on the type of jewellery that you intend to hang. It will be painful at first and whilst healing, but the good news is, there is no critical nerve that might be damaged causing long-term problems.

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