World's most costly cocktails. And they're not flaming sambucas.

So you thought the price of a pint of ale in your local watering hole was expensive? Not compared to these extravagant affairs. Here's the top five most expensive cocktails available in the world:

1) $51,200 - the "Dazzle", made from rose Champagne with strawberry and lychee liqueur. Oh, and a 18-karat white-gold ring with pink tourmaline and diamond stones at the bottom. Available from Harvey Nichols in Manchester.

2) $19,000 - the "Diamond/Ruby cocktail", made with Charles Heidsieck champagne, Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac, angostura bitters and a sugar cube. Accompanying could be anything from a .6-carat diamond. Available from the Piano Bar at the Sheraton Park Tower Hotel, London

3) $10,000 - the "martini-on-the-rock". Of course, the "rock" in this case is a 1.52-carat diamond. No messing. Available at the Algonquin Hotel in New York.

4) $3,000 - the "Ménage A Trois" with Cristal Ros, Hennessy Ellipse and Grand Marnier Cent-ciquantenaire which is sipped through a golden straw studded with a diamond solitaire. It also includes edible gold flakes and liquid gold syrup. Available at Tryst in the Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas.

5) $1,400 - the "Mai Tai". How could it cost that much, you cry! That'll be the J. Wray Nephew 17-year-old rum from Jamaica, the very same that inspired "Trader" Vic Bergeron to concoct the original Mai Tai in 1944. There are only six bottles of this rum in the world - and this is the only one the public get to sample. You wouldn't want to down a shot of it after a pint of Guinness, put it like that. Available from the Bar at the Merchant Hotel in Belfast.

Who's round was it...?

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