Womens jacket - it won't break the bank!

Womens jacket - one of the items a woman can never have too many of! A jacket is an everyday item and the one you wear obviously relies on many factors such as the weather, the occasion, the time of day and so on!

When you plan on buying a jacket, it's generally with something in mind or to match up with a specific outfit so it's good to have an idea what you're looking for before you hit the shops. Impulse buying is something that we're all guilty of but, in this recession conscious time, there are ways to avoid that pitfall.

Firstly single out exactly why you need another jacket and maybe ransack your wardrobe to see if there is anything forgotten about in there that could do instead. You'll be amazed at what you've put away that can now be reused. This leaves funds available for other important items like shoes or handbags!

If you definitely need to buy a new jacket, have a clear image of what you need it for so that you can rule out the jackets you might like but won't be suitable. If you're looking for a jacket for work then one resembling a tracksuit top probably won't fit the bill!

The high street always stock a wide range of jackets and coats and this is where it can get confusing and/or tempting to just buy what you like and not what you need. Shopping online can rule out that temptation or give you an idea of what you need to track down in the shops. If you're on a budget, the internet has many options of buying quality used clothing which can work out very cheaply. EBay is a good place to start looking and as, once you have a Paypal account, a lot of the items can be returned for refund which means you don't lose out.

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