Womens Fitflop - designed for the way we live today.

Womens fitflop can provide a workout while doing your daily grind! Many people don't have the time or money to visit pricey gyms any more and more and more women are interested in finding other ways to tone up and burn calories. This is why Fitflops are more popular than ever before!

The original Fitflops came in a variety of colours, had a stripe down the side and was instantly recognisable  with the Fitflop logo emblazoned across the foot. Now  the range has expanded massively and fitflops have become ever more stylish and sexy with lines such as the "Floretta" being introduced. The Floretta breaks away from the traditional shape and comes with a backstrap and multi layered leather flowers in the design. Very feminine and less utilitarian in appearance than the generic Fitflop, the Floretta can be ordered direct from the Fitflop website and the price is £70.

Wearing Fitflops is meant to help increase leg and bottom muscle activity which is why they're so popular amongst women that like to take long walks.  They are also designed to absorb up to 22% less shock than normal shoes.

Many retailers now stock Fitflops, chemists in particular stock the generic models and the price varies. You can expect to pay around £60 for the basic Fitflop and up to around £90 for the more dressy versions.

When on the Fitflop website, you can sign up for their newsletter and this will keep you up to date on any new advances or releases of their ranges.

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