Wish you were here

We love the sound of a postcard falling on to the doormat along with the usual bills and junk mail. So imagine our excitement to discover that we could be sending out postcards to our friends whilst simultaneously raising money for charity and celebrating the talents of some of the world's finest designers! It's true, folks - this pipe-dream is about to become reality. Vogue.com reports that designers including Manolo Blahnik, Giles and Diane Von Furstenberg have all designed special postcards for British Airways' Celebrity Postcard Auction, in aid of Comic Relief.

The campaign is a fun way to raise money for a very worthwhile cause whilst also encouraging busy travelers to re-connect with the old fashioned act of picking up a pen and scrawling a note to make all their friends back home jealous. British Airways says: 'In the age of Tweeting and texting, travellers are losing the simple pleasure of writing postcards. Once a standard rite of being abroad, according to TripAdvisor only 11% of us now send cards home from our travels. But the postcard is a minor art form in its own right, so who better to champion its survival than some of Britain’s top artists and designers?'.

You can bid on the postcards here until 1 November.

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