Winter makeup 2014: All the trends and colours

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The long, cold winter season needs some colour to fight those grey days back. You can make any day bright and shiny this winter if you follow some of our tips for the best winter makeup trends for 2014.

The new year has arrived, so let’s begin with our best resolutions and make them happen, step after step, starting with our look.

We discovered the latest makeup trends at the fashion shows, and now is the time to realize them. First and foremost, makeup in winter 2014 focuses on eyeshadows, lipsticks, pencils and foundation.

For the perfect base without that annoying ‘mask’ effect, try using the new CC cream, evolution of the BB creams that guarantee an even result also providing the perfect makeup base.

Eyeshadows and lipsticks come in ranges of nude and pink, but those who dare will also try bordeaux for the lips, blue and purple for the eyes. Remember, only wear intense nuances on the lips if the eye makeup is relatively light.

Dark eyeshadows also appear in the trends for this winter 2014. Blue, purple and green are replacing black for smokey eyes of guaranteed impact and seduction. Do not leave your eyebrows out: remember to take care of them in detail.

PHOTO GALLERY Winter makeup 2014 trends and colours

Best is to use creamy products, which will give the best results according to the latest trends.

Whether you are blonde or brunette, this year’s colours will be intense and challenging, but blend them properly and they will make you look irresistible. Welcome illuminating concealers and mineral face powders in your makeup routine, for a soft and sophisticated look.

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