Winter beauty advice

The harsh, cold winter weather can create problems for the skin. If you don't protect your skin, it can become dry and dull. Central heating only aggravates the problem - it dehydrates skin./p>

Take precautionary measures to care for your skin and prevent damage - follow these winter beauty tips...

Moisturise and cleanse

Skin is more vulnerable to dehydration and dryness during winter. Always apply a good moisturiser before you go out. Look for a moisturiser that contains sunscreen protection - even in winter, the sun's rays can cause hidden damage. A good cleanser will be alcohol-free, and retain the moisture of the skin.

Drink plenty of water

You may feel less thirsty in the winter, but lack of water can dehydrate the skin and lead to dryness and premature aging. Drink six to eight glasses of water daily.

Lips and eyes

The delicate skin around the eyes and lips is especially vulnerable to the harsh conditions of winter. Daily application of lip balm and eye serum is important to keep them in optimum condition.


Scrub your skin once a week to remove dead cells and keep your skin glowing. You'll be buffing away dead skin cells and allowing your skin to absorb more moisture.

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