Smell great this winter with these aftershave recommendations

While it's true that many men don't adjust their aftershave to reflect the season, there are a number of great winter aftershave products out there that can really work well to prevent problems during the the colder weather. Today we're going to check out some of the most popular, in order to give you some suggestions you may want to try out.

Why change aftershaves?

One of the main reasons to try winter aftershave is if you find that your existing one doesn't work out to be quite as effective in the colder weather. While most aftershaves are fine during the warmer months, when things start to drop below freezing it can put a strain on your skin, and the last thing you want to do is take chances when it comes to inflammation, soreness or redness when you have your morning shave.

Don't sacrifice protection for scent!

Even though most people wrongly consider aftershave to be the same as cologne, the truth is that aftershave plays a much more important role than just giving you a nice scent. To purchase aftershave purely because of its fragrance is a mistake that many people make over and over again, and then they wonder why the cold weather is causing them to look red or suffer with dry skin after they have shaved.

Instead you want to be focussing on aftershaves for their remedial characteristics.

What we recommend

It's tougher than you might think to find an aftershave that is effective in the winter, but we are particularly fond of the excellent Musgo Real After Shave, a Portugese Hayflower aftershave which includes geranium, vertiver and lavender. Not only does it serve to protect your freshly shaven face against the elements, but it also has a wonderfully alluring fragrance that you're sure to fall in love with.

Don't fall for marketing hype

While many of the big name brands out there do a perfectly serviceable job, we recommend speaking with the retailers of winter aftershave directly in order to get a feel for what some of the lesser known brands have on offer.

For the most part, they don't smell quite as potent or nice as some of the bigger names, but they will offer you far more protection in the long run.

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