William and Harry's Royal Xmas sex show party

Bush Hall, a little known venue in London (Shepherd's Bush to be precise) was the location for a rather steamy night of Christmas celebrations for our future king and his lovably wayward little bro Harry.

Topping the night's activities was a two hour sex tease show, featuring appearances from the likes of The Wau Wau Sisters - to clarify, they had matching knickers with "f**k" and "Yeah" written on - and La Galu.

If you thought that sensual body rubbing from the The Wau Wau Sisters was a little to racy for our delightful Princes, then surely La Galu's climax - pushing a bird's egg from an unmentionable place - is grounds for a beheading?

Apparently the Princes recoiled shyly then laughed. We wonder where they went on to afterwards...

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