Haircare advise: Why you shouldn't overwash your hair

A good haircare regimen involves washing your hair regularly to remove normal build-up of oils, dirt and any residual of products you put on your hair. The number of times that constitutes “regularly” washing depends on a number of factors, including your unique hair type and environment. Generally, if you have normal to dry hair, it is recommended you wash your hair regularly about once or twice a week. If you have oily hair, it is recommended you wash your hair more frequently than twice a week.

Washing hair too much

The main reason why you shouldn't overwash your hair is that washing hair too much strips it of its natural protective oils and causes hair to become brittle, dry and loose its glow. Over-washing can even strip away hair colour, especially when you have dyed your hair.

Most hair shampoos and detergents used when washing hair contain fragrances, foaming agents and various other chemical products that are intended for use on specific hair textures and types. Over-washing with the wrong hair products for your hair type damages your hair.

Also, using too much hair shampoo or detergent makes your hair loose its lustre and become difficult to manage. This is irrespective of the fact that the hair cleaning products are meant to help wash away excess oil, dirt and dead skin and leave your hair clean and healthy.

For best results washing hair, buy protein-based shampoos that moisturise your hair capillary fibre. Change your shampoo product every few months to avoid sebum buildup. Sebum is the natural product that makes hair greasy. Also, choose shampoo products that are gentle on your scalp.


If you have questions about the frequency of washing or the right hair product to use for your hair type, visit a hair stylist and have her examine your hair. A professional stylist will identify your particular hair needs and recommend the best treatment regimen for your hair type.

You can also speak to friends or relatives with hair similar to yours and find out how they care for and keep their hair looking beautiful. Consulting can go along way in helping you learn ways to better care and manage your hair.

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