Whole body wax – Do you brave it?

The hair removal industry is growing at a fast pace. People now are not only removing facial hair, but also more body hair than at any other time in history. Waxers, laserhair-removal specialist and threaders are enjoying booming business as more and more people trod to boutiques and salons to remove hair. Waxing salons and boutiques have reported ten fold increase in business in the last five years alone.

The amount spent on over the counter hair removal products reaches around £25m annually. It is apparent that the new female ideal is to achieve egg-smooth, whole body perfection from the hairline to the toes and all other body parts in between. Men too seem to be warming up to the idea of waxing, judging by the number of men who are showing up at beauty salons for a body wax.

The areas that are pruned include chin, lip, eyebrows, tummy, under arms, legs, including the lower back and toes, arms, including the fingers and hands, nostrils, bottoms and a Hollywood or Brazilian bikini wax. For some of us women, the thought of facing an agonizing strip wax makes us cringe with horror. Still, for other women the mere mention of the waxing price, typically close to £200, makes our eyes water. So, whole body wax – do you brave it?

What you get

Whole body waxing is often painful. Waxing itself might make your skin feel temporarily numb since a lot of our sensations come from the hairs on our body being touched or brushed against. On the other hand, your skin will feel so smooth and immaculate that you probably won’t believe that after all these years you can look and feel as sexy as you do. You will also absolutely love your smooth, hairless legs and arms, soft and shiny tummy and beautiful, slippery thighs after the oil and wax treatment.

In essence, the wax boutique is a fancy den that allows you to bring out the beautiful, often suppressed, sexy showgirl look in you. Whether you will succumb to the body waxing lure or not only you can tell. However, there is a lingering suspicion that you might just succumb and brave it to bring the sexy back. After all, which woman doesn't want to get treatment that makes her feel sexier and more confident about herself?

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