Who are the 50 most influential men under 45?

Scandalous. Details magazine has come up with its list of the 50 most influential men under 45 and a quick scout through said list reveals some rather amusing / disturbing results. Here are the top 5...

1) Zac Efron, Shia LaBoeuf, and the Disney Kids - influential? Maybe. More so than the Google founders? We think not.

2) The Surge - collective name for the soldiers sent off to war. OK, we can accept this one.

3) Mark "I'll forever be 22 in everyone's minds but I'm 23 now" Zuckerberg - Facebook founder and disrupter of work productivity the world over.

4) The Bible Beaters - cited are the new wave of Christian rockers like Flyleaf and Switchfoot. Huh?

5) The School Shooters - aka Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold of the Columbine catastrophe.

Even Kevin Federline gets a mention under the "Good Fathers" entry (number 7). We remain flabbergasted and wondering who compiled the list. Perhaps more importantly, when. In their sleep? In an alcoholic stupor? Perhaps just grabbing a copy of Heat magazine and taking a stab in the dark at male names under 45?

Anyway. We're sure at least Mark Zuckerberg will be happy he's more influential than the God Squad.

(Image: GaySocialites.com)

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