Where to buy Hei Poa in the UK

Hei Poa products are known for their moisturising, regeneration and hydration properties whether you are using them on your hair, skin or face. Made from natural oil extracts of Monoi which is a consecrated oil in Polynesia, they come in different product forms. We tell you where to buy Hei Poa in the UK so you can pamper your hair, skin and body.

Stores that sell Hei Poa

The Hei Poa website at heipoa.com is targetted at French customers. However, if you want to take a look at the product offerings of the brand, the site is a great place to start. Hei Poa has different products for the hair, skin, body and face. If you would like to know where to buy Hei Poa in the UK, here are a few of the places that carry these amazing products:

  • Amazon (amazon.co.uk)

You can find nearly everything at Amazon. It even claims to have the biggest selection of Hei Poa products. Get the Hei Poa Tiare Traditional Monoi Oil for £8.57. It also comes in different scents such as frangipani, coconut and vanilla. Pamper yourself with the Monoi Body Butter selling for £8.

  • Cocoon Centre (cocooncenter.co.uk)

Another online site where you can get Hei Poa products is Cocoon Center. The web store sells Hei Poa shower gel, sun protection spray, oil, balm, elixir, hair mask and other beauty products that you will love.

  • Asos (asos.com)

Asos can also deliver Hei Poa products to your home or you can browse at their physical store. Note that Hei Poa products are in demand so it is best to call in advance if this is the only reason you are going to Asos. Pre-order online to avoid making unnecessary trips.

  • Le Guide Sante (leguidesante.co.uk)

This online shop has a good range of Hei Poa products. Indulge in an Eau De Toilette for £11.39 or get the Extra Rich Soap with Monoi Tiara Scent for £3.54. Other products you can get include oils, sun spray, after sun, body balm, body butter and cream, and shower gel.

Make your own special spa at home with exotic Hei Poa products which received positive and glowing reviews from users. Get a steady supply of your beauty and health essentials by knowing where to buy Hei Poa in the UK so you can moisturise and pamper your body and skin anytime you want.

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