What are white stains on nails?

There are many theories that go around to explain the white stains that suddenly appear on your nails. The good news is they are nothing to worry about. We give the reasons below why your nails get white spots.

The reasons why you get white marks

If you notice that there are white stains on your nails, do not be alarmed. It is not life-threatening and will not really affect your lifestyle apart from the strange feeling of having your nails smeared with something.

The theories

It is often said that white marks are caused by calcium deficiency. This is not true. Another theory for the white stains is the lack of zinc in the body. Again, this is just a supposition that has no medical basis.

The real cause

The truth is, white marks on the nail are caused by a past injury to the base or matrix of the nails. This is a condition called, leukonychia. You might have banged or knocked your fingers or hands and have probably forgotten all about it. Usually, the white marks do not show up until after 6 weeks.

What you can do

Waiting it out is the only thing you can do for the white marks on your fingernails. In this case, it can take up to 8 months or more for the nails to fully grow out. Hence, you might have to be patient for awhile. An extreme occurrence that can happen to your nails is that they might turn completely white. If this happens, then it is a sign of a liver condition. By that time, you might have other symptoms which are more worrying than nails that turn a different colour so you are likely to seek medical attention immediately.

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