We've found Nessie...!

Vanessa Paradis is an elusive character; she might be mega famous in France, but we only ever get a glimpse of the model/actress/singer/whatever when she's dragged out to help Johnny promote his latest film. But Vanessa has put her elusiveness to one side, and has stepped straight onto the cover of Vogue. Yep, like magic. In the interview, she talks about maintaining her beauty at the grand old age of 38 - in Vogues 'ageless issue'. Er, hang on a sec, the poor love's still in the her thirties, she's not ready for the home just yet...

In the interview with Vogue, Paradis thanks Pilates for her physique saying, 'I do definitely look after myself, much more than I used to. After a lotta years of smoking, I quit, hopefully forever, four years ago. I love yoga or Pilates. I have tapes and I do it on my own.' The lucky star also keeps all her costumes from films, 'Yes, yes, I keep everything. It's not a good thing because you drown under you closet, but some things are really important to me, especially the stage clothes.'

Karl Lagerfeld is certainly a fan of the grande dame, telling Vogue, 'She is stronger today than when she did the first Chanel ad. I adore working with her. Her way of charm - she seduces everyone... She has a certain magic that comes with age.'

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