Pamper your hair with Wella salon products

We all spend enough time and money to make sure our hair looks good. With the help of hair products such as German-based Wella, our crowning glories turn out healthy and stylish. We take a look at Wella haircare and styling products to see what they can do for our hair and looks.

The range

Wella is a veteran in the hair care industry having been established since 1880. With such expertise, it has evolved to be one of the world’s biggest suppliers of hair beauty products. What makes it special and what are the new offerings it has for men and women involved in hair management?

In keeping with the constantly changing world of styles and fashion, Wella makes products that are appropriate for any lifestyle whether it’s simple care or preparing the hair for sophisticated events or occasions.

  • SP Preparation Collection

Wella’s Body Mousse is one essential product you can use before styling your hair. It keeps the hair in place after styling for a long lasting effect. In addition, it is formulated without alcohol protecting the hair against harmful UV rays, humidity that can flatten hair or heat from styling devices.

  • SP definition Collection

This is a polishing cream that will give an elegant finish to styled hair. It softens the hair without the frizz. It helps define hair strands for easy styling.

  • SP Final Touch Collection

The SP Final Touch Collection is a non-aerosol based spray that will provide shimmer and brilliance to hair. It also has an anti-frizz effect to give hair the finishing touches.

  • Other products

Wella has a whole range of hair care products that are suitable for any type of hair for both men and women. From normal to damaged hair, each product is conceived and made from superior ingredients to make sure the hair receives the best attention. Try the entire range of products to smoothen, hydrate, repair, volumise, protect and prolong coloured hair, clear and balance scalp. There is also an expert kit designed for conditioning the hair for those who underwent perm treatment.

And more from Wella

Wella stays ahead of the game from setting latest hairstyle trends to providing valuable pointers for managing the hair. Hence, even if you are not a regular client, you can receive expert tips from their website, wella.com. Alternatively, you can also shop for exclusive products online or find the nearest hair salon nearest to your location for a day of pampering.

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