Wedding tendencies 2014: best hair and makeup tips

We set out to discover the trends in bridal beauty in 2014, and everything points to a big time revival in true romance.

Indeed, 2014 is the year when softer, sweeter, lusher and more heartfelt weddings are back in fashion, and the bride's makeup and hairstyle is following suite.

The modern bride will look fresh as a dewy rose and luminous like summer glow, taking inspiration from the most important summer trends of this year fashion shows.

Pastel shades are back in trend, petal-coloured lips and sun-kissed finish, flawless complexion for the summer 2014 bride that looks and feels young and romantic. This look would be perfectly complemented with hair swept back in healthy locks, as care-free as possible.

Above all, the colour pink is making a huge come back in 2014, so don't be surprised if the modern bride will chose to highlight her lips with look-at-me berry or baby pink nuances. Fun and romantic, these lipstick colours were a massive trend on the spring 2014 catwalks, and they are very likely to land in many a wedding kiss this year. Complete the look with lovely, relaxed looking braids: either one simple braid or several smaller ones woven into an up-do, like a braid crown.

A pretty alternative bridal makeup would be a gentle wash of sheer shadows around the eyes, with the focus on lashes thanks to a length enhancer mascara and a thin, feline line of eyeliner to the outside corner. Skin here is kept fresh and glowing, and this style is best complemented with natural looking lips and a slicked-back low ponytail.

PHOTOGALLERY: Best wedding hairsyles

Healthy, natural tan, very much reminding of the 70s style and completed with gold or bronzer would make a beautifully glowing summer bride. Bronze eyes are wonderful for adding a touch of colour to your big day without compromising on class. Your can complete this look with swept back tousled, textures waves.


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