Wedding hairstyles for short hair: 2014 trends

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Most wedding hairstyles seem oriented just for women who have long tresses, but what about hairstyles for brides-to-be that have short hair?

You’re in crazy love with your short and sassy haircut that embraces your personality, and more importantly you want stay true to yourself, so why should go through the stress and worry of trying to grow it out for the day that you say ‘I do’?

Even if doesn’t seem so, there are still a number of options and inspiring styles to choose from for the short haired bride.

Whether you have a pixie cut or one of the dozens of variations of the bob cut, you can still look as sophisticated, glamorous and romantic, and still own it, as much as the more traditional long haired bride.

You’ve got a pixie cut? Try sweeping forward your locks for a more gamine look or even spike it to get an edgy look, or you can gel it down especially if you have super feminine gown.

If your hair is cut in the bob style, you can add curl details that makes a statement or try the vintage 20s style finger waves or simply just curl the ends under for super-chic and sleek polished finish.

You can also keep your bob super-straight and tuck it behind the ears (that way you can also show off a fabulous pair of earrings) and under the nape of your neck so you get an ultra-feminine look.

Bobs can also be brushed back to give the illusion of an updo or you can wear your short mane slicked back for still another twist on the bob style or try backcombing for a trip back to the '60s.

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Hair accessories are always beautiful and dramatic way to enhance your hairdo, so you can wear sparkly floral headbands or just a crystal encrusted pin, or floral net veil, a hat, flower fascinators or just one simply perfect fresh flower.

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