We look for monokini size 12s in the UK

Despite the fact that the term monokini actually means a bikini which leaves the breasts uncovered(!), the phrase has been adapted by modern day designers to refer to one piece bikinis which cover both the top and bottom halves in one single piece of fabric.

The monokini was originally created by the late Rudi Gernreich in 1964 and caused something of a stir among the fashion world and American church alike due to the risque nature of the design. Despite selling more than 3,000 monokinis in the first year of production, American society was not ready at that time for the idea of baring one's breasts in public, so very few were ever seen outside of fashion magazines or newspaper articles about the swimsuit.

These days, despite more scandalous clothing (by the standards of 1960s America at least) being commonplace, the monokini no longer features the bare breasted look, and has instead taken on a life of its own as a breast enhancer.

Ann Summers, one of the biggest UK retailers of lingerie, currently boasts seven unique styles of monokini on its website, with each monokini available in size 12s in the UK.

The most popular of the current range on offer includes the Instant Boob Job VIP Monokini, a stylish one piece which increases the wearer's bust by at least one cup size thanks to the inclusion of advanced breast enhancement technology that not only looks great, but feels comfortable too, giving wearers increased confidence at the beach or by the pool. You can buy the Instant Boob Job VIP Monokini for just £32 in stores or on the Ann Summers website at annsummers.com in sizes 8 to 18.

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