Wayward celebs and their broken resolutions

We'll start with Paris Hilton. After throwing a New Year's Eve party with her heiress sister, the blonde bombshell is back to her old antics and is now recovering from a 4 day bender.

Next up, it may only be the first week of January, but it just doesn't get any better for Britney. Kevin Federline has now called the police fearing that the unstable young lady will shoot their children. Drama, drama, drama.

Lindsay Lohan has been caught on a drinking relapse, despite having one of those rings attached to her that monitors when she has alcohol.

The only wayward female celebrity who seems to be getting things back on track is our very own Amy Winehouse. If you thought she would be painting the town red, blue, pink and black over the festive season think again. She was scuba diving. With Bryan Adams. That should sort out her issues - read the full story here.

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