Want to shave your head in half a minute?

Do you remember those eccentric household gadgets that pretty much every single 80s family movie seemed to feature? The breakfast-making machine in Pee Wee's Big Adventure, the shaving buddy in Gremlins, the...ummm...shrinking machine in Honey I Shrunk the Kids?

Well now one savvy thinker has come up with an invention that seems to come directly from one of those movies. Aimed at the shaven-haired man with no time to spare, the Shaving Helmet is, well, pretty much exactly as it sounds. A helmet, with razors inside, that claims to be able to shave your head in 20 seconds. We were, naturally, a little sceptical about that claim but then we saw this video...

Now we're fully convinced. Granted the range of styles seems a little limited, unless of course you want to 'do a Britney', but we're still very impressed. We're going to work on our own version now - a pair of tights that will shave your legs in a nanosecond.

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