Vogue test drives this season's nail colour: electric blue

Braving the blue, Vogue's very own Ally Pyle tests out the shocking shade of the season:

I am feeling a little down in the dumps now that the weather is getting worse, the hat and gloves have come out and my skin is feeling weather-beaten already. Thank heavens that there is salvation in the forms of hairdressers and therapists that can make you look and feel a million dollars in no time at all.

This week I popped to Daniel Galvin for an after-work, pre party blow-dry (I had "Ibiza style" curls thanks to a creative stylist) and had my nails done at Nails Inc in electric blue. It took some convincing (I went there for a deep red shade) but I think that the blue looked great. Even the boys in the office loved it and that is saying something. Bright blue and shiny, blue and grey are the "it" colours of the season so why not give it a try?

If you fancy trying it in the confines of your bathroom before testing the look on the great outdoors, Barry M do a fabulous electric blue in Superdrug or Boots, and only cost £2.95 a bottle. Anyway, if you fancy reading up on the latest Vogue beauty trends, visit us for more of our top tips...

(Image: Crissycri's Flickr stream

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