Victoria Beckham anti ageing treatment - goats placenta and gold shavings

Victoria Beckham's secret anti-ageing treatment? – goats placenta and gold shavings. Err, it’s actually sheep placenta and gold flakes that are responsible for that firm and radiant skin.

The ex-Spice girl is reportedly fond of Dr. Lancer products, makers of the placenta serum. Taken from 'untouched' sheep, no harm comes to the animals when the placentas are harvested for beauty treatments. This is just the latest rumour of beauty treatments which the star, designer, mother of four, and former singer loves. Among her beauty routines include smothering the face with creams at night and exfoliation.

Dr. Harold Lancer proposes a 3-step beauty treatment of ‘polishing, cleansing, and nourishing’, sound advice that will help achieve a great-looking and radiant skin. Animal lovers need not be concerned because Lancer Rx products are not tested on animals. The stem cells are harvested from amniotic cells which are mixed with gold flakes and other ingredients and then frozen. These cells are laden with nutrients and are known to fight ageing of the skin.

A 90-minute treatment begins with exfoliation, using a LED light to improve the reception of the gold flakes which are then inserted in the skin. According to Lancaster, the stem cells and the gold flakes stimulate the production of collagen responsible for the elasticity and firmness of the facial skin. Patients reported they felt instant results, diminishing wrinkles leading to a visibly youthful-looking skin after each session.

Well, it appears Ms. Beckham feels the same way as she makes it a point to visit Lancaster’s Beverly Hill’s clinic whenever she is in the area. It’s not only Beckham who is crazy about the latest fad in anti-ageing treatments. Lancaster also looks after other stars in his Rodeo Drive laboratory including the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian.

Convenient packaging of Lancer Rx products makes it easier for stars to put their creams on while on the go. Bottled serums are available for sale at £75 a pop. However, sheep stem cells facials are quite pricey at £320 per treatment. But, when you’ve got the cash to spare, why not go for the latest and best treatment out there? We would.

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