Vanity Scare?

French actress Marion Cotillard, she of La Vie en Rose and Inception fame, is on the cover of Vanity Fair this month and there is much speculation that the image may be – shock horror – un-retouched. The actress was photographed by Bruce Weber posing in a floral dress bathed in sunlight and without a trace of the airbrush on her face.

It is a brave move for a major star and we applaud the decision of the publishers to let Marion’s natural beauty carry the image. We do, however, wonder what exactly is going on with the pose, and it seems we’re not the only ones. New York Magazine reckons ‘she's sitting up from bed first thing in the morning and looking around the corner to see if the dog's food dish is empty or she can hit snooze again’. Australian style site Bellasugar takes exception with her hair, saying ‘Photoshop is good, but its powers don't usually stretch from bird's nest to bouffant, so she should've questioned the overly-frizzy style’.

The fierce debate continues as to whether Marion looks beautiful or tired. What do you think? Could she have benefited from a quick touch of the Photoshop wand, or is she perfect they way she is?

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