Valentino's verdict

Legendary Italian designer Valentino 'retired' three years ago amidst a blaze of rumours that he was pushed. Since then, the fashion house has struggled to find form, but Valentino is apparently happy with the current pair at the helm, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli. Yes, three word names are obligatory if you want to make it in fashion...

Chiuri told Vogue, 'He's really happy with our job. He understands that it's our vision and he says that he likes our vision for the brand. He came to our last pret-a-porter show and he said, 'I'll tell you what you learnt from me. You've learned to make women beautiful and modern'. That's a great compliment from Mr Valentino, because it's the best one you can have from him.'

She continued, 'We believe in the iconic elements of the house, but we want to portray them in a contemporary way. We mix our experience with the DNA of the house. If we would have to give an easy reference, we could say that we would like the same story for our brand that Karl Lagerfeld did for Chanel, where he could take all the elements of the house and apply them in a contemporary way. And if you see Chanel, you never think it's a staid brand, you think it's a contemporary brand with a new vision... Valentino always think about a whole outfit. Today, you can mix things.'

We think that means 'yes'...

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