Using hair dyes in pregnancy

Pregnancy does not mean that you have to give up being fashionable or stylish. On the contrary, feeling and looking good help in coping with the physical and emotional changes while being pregnant. True, you have to watch out what you eat and drink, but having a baby is not going to cramp your lifestyle drastically.

There’s also one concern that a lot of expectant mothers are wondering. Is using hair dyes in pregnancy safe? According to the NHM and based on past studies, the use of dyes during pregnancy is safe. Why? Dyes like every processed product contain toxic chemicals and additives used in their manufacturing. The good news is, these are at low levels and are, therefore, tolerable with absolutely little to no danger to the health of the mother or that of the growing foetus. It is safe to colour the hair while expecting. Getting hair treatments 3 to 4 times throughout the pregnancy period will have no adverse effects on both mother and baby (NCBI/NHI).

So, all you pregnant mothers out there, you can colour your hair and keep that fashionable look while pregnant. If you want to be extra prudent, wait until the first trimester is over before doing a hair makeover. Try to highlight strands of hair where chemicals are less likely to get absorbed by the scalp and into the bloodstream.

And, there are a couple of preventive measures to think about if you're doing it at home. Follow manufacturer’s directions when handling the product. Test it on a small patch of hair for allergic reactions. Use protective gloves usually provided in the packet, and be sure to thoroughly wash your hands after handling the product. Avoid excessive inhalation of the fumes from the dye by colouring your hair in a well-ventilated room. Lastly, opt for henna or vegetable dyes instead of permanent or semi-permanent dyes which are chemical-based.

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