Useful tips before getting a tattoo

So you have made your mind up, and you are sure you are going to get that tattoo done. You have a design you absolutely love and know exactly when you want it. What next? Especially if this is your first, or your previous ones where somehow troublesome, take a look at our practical, useful tips before getting a tattoo.

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Aim at making the whole inking process a safe and fun experience. This starts with finding the right tattoo artist and a fully licensed tattoo/ body mod parlour. Ask around, visit the studios and meet the artists, your friends my be able to help with connections and indications.

When you do visit the parlours, make sure you check out aspects such as: the style of every tattoo artist working there, whether or not they can offer the best in regards of the design, or specific style, of your choice. When you look at the artists' photo book, check how neat are their lines, how dense are the fillings: broken, ragged lines, end that don't meet and non-inked areas in the colouring are definitely the things you are not looking for.

Make sure the studio is clean and equipped with and autoclave, germicidal soap, packaged and disposable items. Before the appointment, get ready for your tattoo by taking good care of your body and general well being. This means making sure you eat well, rest well and don't assume any alcohol. In fact, tiredness and low blood sugar levels would only add discomfort, while the dehydration caused by alcohol could translate in more bleeding. They could also make you feel faint, dizzy or nauseated.

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Don't get the tattoo if you are feeling ill, or if you have taken any painkillers or other drugs that could affect the tattooing negatively. If in doubt, ask your tattoo artist. Least but not last: remember to check the legal age limit! In the UK, only 18+ can get a tattoo, while some places also accept 16+ if accompanied by parents – and relevant IDs.

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