How to use highlighter

When applied correctly, a highlighter can complement the shape of your face, create the appearance of flattering contours and emphasise your best features. That's why a highlighter is one of the most important items in a makeup artist's toolkit. Here we offer a simple guide to use highlighter in the best way possible.

Highlighting your cheekbones

Use highlighter to create a slightly curved line just above your cheekbones. This will give your cheeks a sculpted look. If you're using liquid highlighter, dot a few times along the line and gently blend along the line, curving slightly up towards your outer eyebrows.

Highlighting your lips

To make your lips look fuller, add a little highlighter to your cupid's bow and blend slightly along your lip line, following the natural curve of your lips.

Highlighting your eyes

Use the highlighter underneath your brow-bone to "lift" your eyes. Dot the highlighter along - just slightly beneath the brow bone - and lightly blend. To make your eyes look wider, dab a little highlighter at the inner corner of your eyes. A highlighting eyeliner (in white or cream) can be applied to your inner rims to make them look wider.

Highlighting your nose

To make a nose look narrower, dot and blend highlighter down the centre and use a darker contouring colour to each side of the nose. This can also make the nose look longer.

Highlighting your chin

To make your jawline appear wider, apply a highlighter from the edges of the jaw up to the ears and blend.

Which products to use: liquid highlighter vs powder highlighter

A powder highlighter gives the most natural effect, so it's perfect for a daytime look or if you like to keep your makeup subtle.

A liquid highlighter can produce a more dramatic effect and is perfect for emphasising your eyes or lips on a big night out.

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