Stylish updos for long hair this 2013

Long hair looks magical and beautiful and there are many ways you can wear it from simple and chic to mature and sophisticated. We take a look at updos for long hair this 2013 to see if there are styles which tickle your fancy. Whether you are partying or just spending a day by yourself, we show you several styles to make your long hair stand out.

Styles that will turn heads

Prom night might just be around the corner or you are preparing for the festive season, whatever the reasons for dressing up in style, updos for long hair in 2013 are going to make you look gorgeous and stunning.

  • - Side sweep hair and make waves for a retro up do. Imagine Taylor Swift’s oft seen hairdo to know what we are talking about.
  • - Make a high ballet bun and top it up with a loose fringe. It is a great hairstyle for any party.
  • - Imagine Minnie Mouse buns on your head sweeping most of the hair out of the way and you’ve got an excellent updo. Katy Perry has done this already and it looked quite beautiful on the singer.
  • - Those with natural curls can make intricate waves, piling up the hair with pins for a great updo.
  • - To soften the look on your face, leave a few strands on both sides with the rest of hair piled up neatly behind.
  • - You can also make one low bun for a different look. A twisted high bun also works wonders. This hairstyle is ideal for formal events such as weddings or receptions.
  • - Alternatively, pull off a stunning look with a classic chignon.
  • - For intricate updos, make braids in several lines for a clean yet elegant look.
  • - Try also a voluminous updo, by teasing hair for extra body and then pin hair into a French pleat.

Be bold and creative

Whether you’re opting for a slick look or a retro style, updos for long hair in 2013 will get you going. Choose from a variety of styles that are available out there. Don’t be afraid to experiment and you don’t have to do a lot of primping to get the best updo. Even keeping things messy while pulling up hair in a classic bun is all it takes for a cool and sophisticated look.

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