Create Three Easy Updos with the Right Updo Hair Accessories

Fitting a trip to the salon into your budget and schedule can be hard for some people. Luckily, updo hair accessories make doing updos at home easier than ever. The next time an bun or chignon is needed for a special occasion, grab your updo accessories and practice one of these three chic styles to look like you just walked out of a salon.

Supplies You’ll Need

The right updo hair accessories will make or break your hairdo. You will want on hand:

•Elastic bands•Hair pins•Combs•Medium barrel curling iron•Decorative accessories•Mousse•Hair spray

Prepare your hair

Updos work best when the hair is a little dirty. Dirty hair holds style, shape, and updo hair accessories much easier than clean hair. To add a bit of texture to your hair and add some mousse to make it easier to start with.

Choosing your Updo

Messy Bun – Keep the look soft and loose by pulling the hair into a ponytail on the top of your head. Divide the ponytail into a few sections and twist or braid each section. Then wrap each section one at a time around the base of the ponytail and secure with some hairpins.

When you have the last section wrapped and secured, grab some updo accessories to decorate the bun. To keep the messy, flirty look, choose updo hair accessories that are fun like flowers or feathers.

Love Knot- The love knot is the perfect style for those jewelled updo hair accessories you have lying around. To create this unique look, divide your hair into two ponytails – one on top of the head and the other an inch below.

Wrap the top ponytail around the bottom in a figure eight once and then clip, grab the bottom ponytail and do the same figure eight and clip. Continue alternating figure eights with each ponytail until you are done.

Tuck the ends under the hair and use hairpins to hold into place. Once the love knot is secure grab your glittery updo accessories and pin them around the love knot for some sparkle.

Flirty Loose Chignon – This romantic take on the classic chignon is easy to achieve. Create loose curls all over your head and pull hair into a low ponytail loosely at the bottom of your head.

Take the loose part of the ponytail between the elastic and the head, split it in two, and pull the ends of the ponytail through. This creates an inside-out ponytail. If your ponytail is long, pull hair through a second time and use your updo hair accessories to tuck the ends inside and clip. The loose chignon is perfect for decorative combs and hairpins.


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