2012 hottest men’s hairstyles: The slicked back undercut

The slicked back undercut is the hairstyle of choice for fashion-forward men in 2012. From celebrity footballers like David Beckham to actors like Josh Duhamel and the less famous men in society, the revived slicked back undercut appeals to men from all walks of life. If you are looking to get a modern facelift, the undercut with its refined touches from the original cut of the 1920s might be what you sleek.

The 1920s undercut hairstyle

The original slicked back undercut hairstyle came to the limelight courtesy of Michael Pitt who spotted the style effortlessly in his hit television shows, such as the 'BoardWalk Empire' of the 1920s. The defining characteristic of the undercut hairstyle is short sides, short back and longer hair at the top. The length of hair at the top is always slicked backwards. This gives a different look and feel at the top compared to the sides and back. Overall, the undercut is a classic men’s hairstyle that boasts an appealing touch of edge.

The 2012 undercut hairstyle

The revived 2012 undercut hairstyle similar to its predecessor is bold and well suited for men who are not afraid of being in the spotlight and those who actually enjoy getting a lot of attention with stares. The 2012 undercut has some variations from the original 1920s undercut with its focus on how long the hair is at the top and how far up the back and sides the cut is.

Usually, the thickness of the 2012 undercut at the back and sides is a clipper number two or three while the length at the top is changeable, depending on individual preferences. The top hair is quite long and tousled with asymmetric fringes sometimes included. Top hair is typically three to four inches long. Hair styling, colour and structure are some of the additions that give the undercut a personalised element.

Rocking you undercut with style

While the slicked back undercut suits many men from different backgrounds and with different tastes, the style tends to bring out longer, more angular facial features really well. If you don’t have a longer, more angular face, consult with your hair stylist or barber to find the variations that brings out the shape of your face and head the best.

The perfect undercut depends on achieving a sharp outline. Examine the back and side of your head carefully to ensure the cut is clean and precise. Don't be afraid to ask for a touch up if your cut is not sharp. This will make sure you pull off the perfect undercut.

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