'Uma changed everything'

Stylist to the stars, Sasha Charnin Morrison, has written a must-have tome for any fashion addict; it's packed with advice and more importantly tales from the annals of celeb fashion.

Sasha explains the huge shift that occured in the 90s, where celebs suddenly took over from supermodels as fashion cover-stars, and clothes horses, 'The girls were so expensive that no one could afford to use models anymore. Their fees were outrageous and they were never available and celebs were there and they were eager to promote their movie. That was the pressure cooker. Suddenly there was a name behind the dress and suddenly the star is the stylist.'

She continued, 'Everyone I spoke with pinpoints the moment that Barbara Tfank dressed Uma Thurman in Prada for the 1995 Oscars as the time when everything changed. It wasn’t a costume design by Helen Rose, it wasn’t a Bob Mackie creation, it just wasn’t a costume. It was a piece that someone could buy off a rail. Before then, you just just didn’t know where red carpet gowns came from.'

Yep, so now you know...good 'ol Uma in her Prada frock changed the world.

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