Ultrasound lipo cavitation treatment for cellulite

The one aesthetic flaw that effects 90% of women is cellulite, but not all women want or can afford to undergo traditional and more invasive liposuction surgery, so that’s where ultrasound lipo cavitation or fat cavitation can step in and help solve the problem in a painless manner.

Medically cellulite is known as adiposis edematosa, dermopanniculosis deformans, status protrusus cutis, and gynoid lipodystrophy, while women and the media often call it orange peel or cottage cheese skin and what causes cellulite is still not very well understood.

Lipo cavitation is a treatment that uses low frequency ultrasound waves that are produced by a machine, that can effectively reduce cellulite or other fatty areas , like the abdomen, on ‘love handles’ and on arms without causing any damage to the nearby blood vessels, nerve, connective tissues or skin.

These ultrasound waves produce a positive and negative pressure that penetrates and damages the adipocytes (fat cells).

The fat that is released from the damaged and broken down cells is then accumulated through lymphatic circulation system and then eliminated by the body via the urinary system.

Therefore, the technique is completely non-invasive, with just some minor warming under the skin's surface, and there are no aftereffects such as swelling, pain or bruising, and the elimination process can be accelerated after the ultrasound treatment with a lymphatic drainage massage.

To obtain good results and to see a marked change in the smoothness and contour of the area, at least six to ten treatments are needed - at least one or twice a week - and they can last around thirty to forty-five minutes on average, depending on the area that has to be treated.

Only healthy people should make use of this type of treatment.

Counter indications include heart conditions, pacemakers, liver, kidney or urinary conditions, epilepsy, thrombophlebitis, thrombosis and pregnancy.

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