Guide to the different types of foundation

If you've been stuck in a foundation rut and you're looking for something a little different, you may be surprised by the different types of foundation to have come onto the market in recent years. No longer is it a simple choice of selecting the right shade for your skin: now you're faced with dozens of options.

The main types of foundations

Liquid foundation - Liquid foundation remains the most popular type of base in the UK today. It applies smoothly and usually offers the most variety in terms of brands, price ranges, skin types and colours. Liquid foundation is available in a range of coverage options (sheer, light, medium or full) but tends to be good for a medium coverage and to cover small imperfections or wrinkles. It's best applied with your fingers or a slightly damp make up sponge and is a good choice for everyday use.

Mousse foundation - Mousse foundation can give a smooth, silky cover when applied correctly (which normally means applying it in light layers and building up as required). It is suitable for all skin types but is best for dry skin or more mature skin, because it provides medium to heavy coverage without drawing attention to lines or dry patches.

Powder foundation - Powder foundations give a matte finish that's perfect for people with oily or combination skins. Coverage is medium to heavy so be careful with layering or you may end up with a "caked" look.

Mineral foundation - Because they contain so few ingredients, mineral foundations are great for people with sensitive skin. Apply in layers with a large brush to build up the coverage you desire.

How to choose between the different types of foundation

Your skin type normally dictates which type of foundation will suit you best. If you're unsure, ask a representative at the make up counter for a sample sized product that you can take home and wear for a day. Don't feel pressured into buying without a proper trial.

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