Get the best value tweed jackets for children

If you like to keep your kids looking their best, then you'll appreciate just how expensive it can be, especially when you're doing your shopping at high street prices! Fortunately more and more people are turning to online shopping in order to save money on not just kids' clothing, but practically everything else they need to buy on a day to day basis.

However, if tweed is your thing, then you'll no doubt have noticed that it's becoming increasingly difficult to find affordable tweed jackets for children from even the most reliable of online retailers. Because of the recent increase in popularity of tweed clothing, many retailers have either upped their prices considerably over the last few years, or simply have no stock available - neither of which is ideal for the consumer

All is not lost though, we've found some really great deals online that we'd like to share with you so that your kids can look great at much less of an expense to your pocket.

In case you're not already familiar with it, Barnstormers is a horse riding retail store located in Withington, Herefordshire which also has a fully stocked online store with a wide range of competitively priced horse riding related clothes and accessories.

Currently on offer on their website, located at www.barnstormers.co.uk, you'll find the gorgeous Shires Children's Malvern Tweed Jacket range. Available in navy, green and brown colours and featuring a double button design which means they are suitable for both boys and girls, these beautiful jackets can be bought from sizes 24" up to 32" today for just £47.50, which represents a saving of 20 per cent on recommended retail price.

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