How to trim your own fringe

Knowing how to trim your own fringe can save the effort and expense of having to visit the hairdressers every couple of weeks. All that you need to trim your own fringe is a sharp pair of scissors (cuticle scissors work well), a comb and a steady hand!

Tip - some hairdressers offer free fringe trimming to regular customers

How to trim your own fringe

Step 1

Start with clean, dry hair. If you cut your fringe when it's wet it will shrink when dry and look too short. Style your hair as you would usually wear it.

Step 2

Using a comb, section off the hair that you don't want to cut. Secure it with pins or bobbles. Your fringe should be left loose.

Step 3

Part your fringe in half and take one of the sections between your fingers. Comb it with a fine toothed comb to smooth the surface.

Step 4

Hold your at the length you want to cut your fringe to. It's better to do this a little at a time if you want to trim more than 1cm. Your fingers should be straight across if your fringe is horizontal, and slanted if your fringe is at an angle.

Step 5

Hold the scissors vertically and cut into the hair. This will create a softer, more flattering look. Snip into your hair a little at a time. You can also use a single-blade razor to achieve a more shaggy look.

Step 6

Repeat on the other side of your fringe. Use the comb to ensure that both sides are even.

Tips to trim your own fringe

  • Trim a little by little. It's better to repeat trimming over and over again than to take a huge chunk out of your hair or to cut your fringe too short
  • Hair grows back, so don't despair if you don't like the results!
  • If you don't already have a fringe, it's better to get one cut professionally in order to achieve a shape that best suits your face

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