Topshop's top make up

Ah Topshop, how we love thee, let us count the ways... And as if our adoration of the high street emporium couldn't get any stronger, they've now branched out into make up.

A Grazia blogger brings us the news, fearlessly breaking the press embargo, as the information is still under wraps: 'I’m not even supposed to be writing about this, but it seems our friends across the pond have broken the news.' Anyway, the brave blogger tells us to, 'expect the unexpected, especially when it comes to colour. Shades like The Big Smoke – a putty-coloured nail polish, not dissimilar to Chanel's sell-out Particuliere, and Thistle – a pretty purple kohl pencil, are inspired by fashion, not makeup trends.'

In a nutshell; lots of pretty stuff in pretty colours, and some nail varnish the colour of dough. Whatever, we'll still be queuing at four in the morning come launch day....

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