Top green skincare products for you

It’s unimaginable how much chemicals there are in beauty skin products. That jar of cream for your face might just contain enough harmful ingredients to ruin your skin. In our quest for that perfect and blemish-free skin, we hold on to products that promise everything. We show you the top green skincare products to consider for a healthier and beautiful you without contributing to environmental damage.

A rundown of the best organic skincare products

Many years ago, organic products would have been unheard of or at best difficult to find with lots of people making their own beauty concoctions to get optimum results. Nowadays, there are many brands on offer and often, it’s difficult to decide which ones make great purchases.

  • Green People

Started in 1997 by a mother out on a quest to provide a natural solution to an offspring’s eczema problems, Green People now produces over 100 natural products for the entire family.

  • Dr. Hauschka

Another one of top green skincare products is Dr. Hauschka. The range includes skin and cosmetic products. Dr. Hauschka offers a completely holistic approach to skin care and all products are 100% natural sourced from plant extracts. It is distributed in the UK by Elysia.

  • Earthbound Organics

All Earthbound Organics products are supposedly handmade and made from natural ingredients such as herbs, beeswax, and flowers. You’ll find face creams, toners, sun care and protection, lip balms, massage oils and other skin care remedies. There is also a line of products for babies and expectant mothers.

  • Botanicals UK

Botanicals have a select range of natural and organic products for the skin and body. It also offers aromatherapy and bath/shower products. The company garnered two international trophies; "best organic body care product" and "best organic skincare product." Everything is handmade and done in small batches for quality assurance.

  • Others to consider

1. Boscia products are free of parabens and completely natural. Consider the Luminizing Black Mask and Green Tea and Rose Blotting Linens for their magical effects on the skin.

2. Take a look at products from Seventh Generation, the first brand to receive 'USDA Biobased certification'. Their skincare line is completely natural and free of harmful ingredients such as parabens, gluten, and synthetic fragrances.

3. Lastly, men might find Organic Male OM4 a great find for a 4-step skin care and regimen.

The right of a consumer

The list of top green skincare products is quite long, but one thing is clear, there are more choices offered today than the preceding decades. The degree to which a product is considered green varies. When in doubt, read the labels carefully and know what to look for. Chemicals which are harmful are many, but the most common ones known to damage skin include parabens, petrochemicals, alcohol, formaldehyde, synthetic fragrances and the like. While it is impossible to know them all, the most common ones are listed on every product. Do your homework and test your products.

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