Top 10 places to live in the UK

Last week, we gave you the armpit of the nation - Middlesbrough.

This week, it's time to show off the best locations in the UK to live. Some are surprising, others not so. But topping the bill this year, according to everyone's favourite property couple Phil and Kirstie, is Edinburgh, which knocked last year's favourite Winchester into second place.

So why is Edinburgh the best place to live in the UK? Is it the pubs? The festivals? The beer and hogmanay? Kind of. It had the highest number of shops, bars and restaurants in the list. House prices just below national average. A host of museums and galleries and a high quality of life to boot.

We wanted to know what Crap Towns said about the Scottish capital and after a quick search, it can be revealed that although the town does get a small entry, it's hardly of the damning nature that many town descriptions get. In fact, the worst we could find was:

"A city where many buildings look as if they have been deliberately sprayed with a thick coating of grimy soot and where a bone-piercing wind blows along Princes Street more chillingly than do the winds in Wellington, New Zealand, and that’s saying something."

Hardly the kind of accolade that, for example, Croydon gets:

"For fun,why not try the lift in the Drummond Centre (it’s glass!) or indulge in a bit of thieving? Try on a variety of hats in Debenhams if the mood takes you. And it’s always a good laugh to hang around at a bus stop for a few hours spitting at old people and drinking 20/20". Quite.

So all things considered, Edinburgh does indeed seem a top place to live. For those of you curious, the top 10 places to live in the UK are:

1) Edinburgh
2) Winchester
3) Epsom and Ewell
4) Waverley
5) Mole Valley
6) Surrey Heath
7) South Cambridgeshire
8) Chelmsford
9) Horsham
10) Elmbridge

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