Check out our guide to buying toning shoes on e bay

There can be absolutely no doubt whatsoever that e bay is one of the crowning achievements of the internet to date. Whatever about Facebook revolutionising the way people communicate, e bay has changed the way people buy and sell forever - however it still seems to be somewhat misunderstood by many people.

One of the major misconceptions surrounding e bay is the assumption that everything for sale on it is second hand, worn or otherwise previously used. This simply isn't the case, as many sellers are actually retailers looking to increase their earning potential by tapping into the world of digital sales, without needing to pay to have their own website developed, often at a great cost.

Recent changes to e bay have also seen a number of new retailers offer their products directly from the brand new e bay outlet, a section of the website where new products are available at cheaper products than in the high street, directly from the retailer or manufacturer - often as a means to reduce excess stock from their storage facilities in order to free up space for new products.

When buying on e bay it is vitally important that you pay close attention to the person you are buying from. Check their seller reputation, and have a look through some of their recent feedback to ensure that they have sold items of a similar value before, and that they have been received by the people who bought them.

The above, coupled with paying through PayPal, is your best way to ensure that you always get reliable products from reputably dealers. When buying footwear, it's also important that you familiarise yourself with the sizing conventions of other countries. While you will no doubt be very familiar with the traditional UK based sizing convention, many of the toning shoes you fond on e bay may be listed with European or US sizes, so you'll need a converter to make sure that you're bidding on the correct size for your foot.

After that it's just a case of having patience and keeping an eye on the latest auctions to ensure that you get the best price possible. Good luck!

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