Toning sandles; the new black?

The toning sandles trend seems to have taken the UK by storm. The idea that you can wear a pair of sandals that feel as comfortable as regular sandals but give you the benefit of extra toning makes these a bit of a no brainer for most people.

FitFlops are the brand on everone's list when it comes to toning shoes and sandals. They are a company that sprung up a few years ago with a great idea. This great concept of adding some slight resistance to the soles of the shoes to help with the toning process.

While a lot of people wouldn't believe that you can possible get more toning just by wearing a specific type of sandal, they have all been proven wrong. FitFlops work, maybe they don't do a huge amount but they do help develop the shape of the calves, bottom and thighs.

So where do we get these incredible sandals? Basically you can now get them just about anywhere but for the largest selection of styles, shapes and colours, you have to go online. To be a little more specific you have to go to the 'Fitflops' website.

Here you will find a massive selection of all things Fitflops. All of these amazing shoes and sandals will do the trick for you as far as toning goes so it really is down to picking your favourite style.

They generally start at around £50 for a pair of these sandals in either men's, women's or children's so check out the website and see if you can find something to suit your style and get involved with the toning sandels trend.


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