Tone up this summer with Fitflops 2011!

If you are fed up of poorly designed and uncomfortable flipflops, why not treat yourself to a stylish pair of the new technology “FitFlops”.

FitFlops, the footwear with a built in gym, are going to be huge in 2011. They tone and tighten your leg muscles as you walk, so you get a workout while going about your daily business - what more could you want?! 

Research carried out at London South Bank University proves this new technology to be effective. The research suggests that FitFlops can help increase leg and bottom muscle activity by up to 30%, absorb more shock than a normal shoe, help realign ground force reaction closer to your joints, and reduce foot pressure. Therefore FitFlops are the perfect solution if you have an aching back as a result on standing around all day at work, have regular pain due to poor footwear, or just want to tone up.

As the demand for Fitflops is rising, they are becoming more widely available in shops. For instance, they are already available in Selfridges and Debenhams and can be purchased online at www.fitflops.com and www.beautyfeatures.ie


FitFlops are available in many different styles and colours. The company has branched out and is now creating a range of shoes, clogs and even boots. Prices start at a little over £50 for sandals, shoes and clogs, with the boots (a must-have for winter!) costing a little higher at about £130.

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