Get tone up sandals cheap at Fitness Footwear

Rather than wasting your money on cheap imitation knock offs of established toning footwear brands, you'll get much better value for your money by spending a little extra for the real thing. You won't have problems with your new sandals falling apart within a few weeks, and you know that you'll reap real benefits from wearing them, while with the cheaper brands you never know what you're going to get.

Despite the fact that name brands are a little more expensive, there's no reason that you'll need to break the bank in order to buy yourself a pair. There are many websites online that offer legitimate tone up sandals for cheap prices, but few which present the same quality offers available at Fitness Footwear, whose website is located at www.fitnessfootwear.com.

Not only will you get great prices on the top brands, but they also offer free delivery on all offers of £59 or more, with regular delivery costs for orders that don't reach that amount costing a very reasonable £1.99, and thanks to their price match guarantee, if you find a pair of shoes for cheaper from another UK based retailer either online or in stores, they'll match the price just as soon as they can verify it.

Some of the fantastic deals available right now on the site include the women's FitFlop Walkstar III Leather Raspberry sandal for just £44.99, the Women's FitFlop Oasis II Supernavy for just £39.99, the men's FitFlop Dass Black for just £44.99 and the men's FitFlop Hyper Charcoal for only £59.99.

It's also worth noting that they are currently offering 30% off all non FitFlop items as part of their warehouse clearance sale, so check them out today to grab yourself some real bargains.

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