Toiletry Bags: Three Perfect Travelling Companions

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It’s enough to try to remember and then fit all the right clothes into your suitcase when you head off on holiday, you shouldn’t have to worry about your toiletries also. Be a smart traveller this year, grab one of these three perfect toiletry bags that not only fits your style but your grooming needs too. Choose from a designer men’s bag, a trendy woman’s case or pick the unisex one to share with your partner.

Men’s Ripcurl Toiletry Bags

The Ripcurl Men’s Winnie Toiletry Bag has the masculine design men are looking for with practicality. The toiletry bag zips closed, folds open to reveal multiple pockets, a mirror, and a hanger for easy storage.

The front is adorned with the classic Ripcurl logo with a striped and checked design. Available right now at Amazon.co.uk for just £16.99 with free shipping to UK addresses.

Fruit Factory Toiletry Bags

Fashioinworld.co.uk offers the Fruit Factory 4 Piece Toiletry bag at the affordable price of £14 right now. This toiletry bag is more than just a bag; it comes with shower gel, bubble bath, nailbrush, and a body soufflé.

Perfect for any travelling female, it comes in a trendy black and white striped design with a large compartment as well as two small ones in front. It’s ideal for long holidays as well as those romantic weekends away.

Kipling Toiletry Bags

The Softbox from Kipling is the perfect toiletry bag to share with your partner on your next holiday. It comes with a large main compartment with a detachable mirror and a top compartment for toothbrushes and makeup brushes.

You can find the Softbox medium toiletry bag at Kipling.com for £46 in five fashionable colours – red, purple, black, blue and brown.


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