Tis the season to be stylish

It’s almost December, and talk is turning to the most important event of the year. No not the 25th December, silly, the work Christmas party!

For many, just those two words alone can be enough to send the most sensible worker running for the hills. Office Christmas parties can either be a chance to let your hair down, invest in some seriously stylish evening wear and show everyone just how much fun you are outside of work hours. Or it can mean 4 long hours drinking warm white wine, stuck in the corner with that quiet one from accounts whose name you can’t remember.

Our top tip is to buy yourself a fabulous frock and some killer heels, and inject some glamour into the evening. According to the Daily Mail the average woman will spend £206.84 to make sure they look their best this season. A revealing survey of 3000 women found that an average of £76.50 will be spent on a new dress, £41.22 will go on new shoes and £31.53 will go on jewellery and bags.

It’s not all fun and games though – 23% of women said they would be avoiding the Christmas parties because they didn’t have anything to wear. Bah, humbug!

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