The ideal solution may be to tint eyelashes

Are you sick and tired of putting on mascara each morning and removing it each night? Luckily, there are much better solutions than spending hard-earned money for make-up. Professional beauty salons can easily tint eyelashes, which last for about four to six weeks. Just imagine no more mascara and beautiful, naturally dark lashes 24 hours a day. Discover the tinting process and benefits you can enjoy with eyelash tinting.

Tinting eyelashes

Have you ever seriously thought about how much time you waste putting on mascara each week? Think about how much time you could save if your lashes were already well defined, dark and beautiful.

Once you learn about the tinting process and benefits, you can see why you might want to tint your eyelashes.

Eyelash tinting process

The safest way to tint eyelashes is to use the professional services of a beauty salon. Professionals have the training to perform the task correctly and safely.

To tint eyelashes, dyes are used on the upper lashes. In most cases vegetable dyes are used, which last for approximately four to six weeks.

The tinting procedure only takes about 15 or 30 minutes to complete depending upon the desired shade. In some circumstances, a second application may be required. After applying the dye, lashes are rinsed in a mild soap and water solution.

Naturally, eyelashes fall out about every month or two and the tinting process may need repeating at this time.

Advantages to tinting eyelashes

You will not have to buy mascara every month. Your lashes will be naturally beautiful from the moment you wake each morning. Women who are allergic to mascara can still get beautiful lashes. You will not have runny mascara lines with dyed lashes.

Warnings about eyelash tinting

Talk to the beauty professionals at your salon about patch testing two days before you get a full tint on your eyelashes. Some women may be allergic to the tint dye and have bad reactions. Because of the proximity of lashes to the eye, you need to approach the idea of eyelash tinting with caution.

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