Threading: hair removal benefits

This technique of removing hair originated from Turkey. It is popular in India and the Middle East. Today, it has gained acceptance in the Western world as part of cosmetic and beauty treatments.

Threading hair is one the best ways to remove hair. It has plenty of pros which can make it easy for you to remove any facial hair that you do not want on any part of your body.

How it is done

Put simply, threading involves removing hair using a cotton thread. The treatment specialist will loop the cotton thread around unwanted hair and pluck it from the skin. This requires skill and many months of practice to perfect the technique.

Benefits of threading hair

  • Painless
  • With an experienced practitioner, threading hair will not be as painful as waxing hair. Say goodbye to waxing facial hair or hair on your extremities.

  • Cheaper
  • The process of threading is cheaper and fast when you have a skilled practitioner doing it for you. Notice the word skilled. It has to be someone with enough experience and practice to do the things right.

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Threading works for all skin types so there is very little chance that you will develop a bad reaction to it.

  • Chemical-free
  • Another beauty of opting for threading is that there are no chemicals used in the process. Hence, it cannot trigger negative or allergic reactions.

  • Lasting results
  • On average, treatment result will last for 2-4 weeks.


    Like any other beauty treatment, threading as a hair removal technique has disadvantages. One of these is that skilled practitioners are not easy to find. Bear in mind that if you have hair threading with someone who has no experience, it will be a very painful process. Another con is that threading does not work on specific areas such as knees and bikini area. It can also cause folliculitis or reddening of the skin.

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