Think house prices in your area are high?

So, house prices are sky high. No one is buying or selling and asking prices have started to come down.

Not in some London neighbourhoods, oh no. According to a recent Forbes article, prices in what is termed the "super prime" category - uber expensive flats in Stella Street - are still rocketing.

So, without further ado, here are the five most expensive flats in London:

1. One Hyde Park
A set of four penthouses near Knightsbridge (not even finished yet) with at least one having reportedly flown off the books for a cool £100 million. This crowns it with the mantle of not only the most expensive flat in town, but the most expensive property in the world. Gasp.

2. Hyde Park Gardens
A flat here will set you back £18 million for the privilage of silk lined walls and marble floors in Marble Arch.

3. Chesham House
If you have a spare £17.5 million hanging around that you're unsure what to do with, hop over to Belgravia and purchase yourself this family flat. It's only got three bedrooms, but any excess guests could always kip on an airbed in the wine cellar.

4. Chesham Place
This complex was designed by none other than Lord Foster, the mastermind behind London's Gherkin Building and Millennium Bridge. For a mere £13.4 million, all that could be yours. Well. Not the Gherkin. But you know what we mean.

5. The Knightsbridge
A very regal name for a stylish three bedroom flat in, would you believe it, Knightsbridge, for just £12 million and they've even thrown in use of a gym and swimming pool so buyers could save on their monthly gym membership. How thoughtful!

Time for a quick trip to Northern Rock we think...or maybe not...

(Image: sunshiney2006's Flickr stream)

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